A contacts backup app for iOS.


Your data and Privacy

If you’re looking for a privacy policy full of legalese, you won’t find one here. This is because we don’t collect or store your personal data. Here is a quick summary about how we store your data.

Quick, Plain-English Summary

  • CardSafe requires access to your contacts to perform services like “Contacts Backup”, “Select & Backup” and “Merge Duplicates”.
  • None of your data is collected, stored or uploaded to any kind of server. All your data stays on your device and in the app locally. There’s no way CardSafe has remote access to your data.
  • CardSafe has Import Files feature (Tap Files Button then tap the “+” button on top right corner to access it). From where user can add backup files to app. For devices below iOS 11.0, iCloud Documents feature is available. By using iCloud documents feature you are bound to Apple iCloud’s Privacy policy and terms of use.
  • For devices on or above iOS 11.0, Along with iCloud documents import, “Files” app support is also available. With this support, user can add backup files available there. Whether it’s available locally, on iCloud or on a drive which is integrated in the “Files” app (For example Dropbox). For importing files from such drives, You automatically adhere to their privacy policy and terms of use.

For any concerns, support and feedback, Please mail at